Best Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

Does the damp winter weather make your wall discolor or even peel? Or does the sweltering summer humidity make your allergic and asthma symptoms worse? You urgently need a portable dehumidifier for home

Best Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

Why a portable dehumidifier?

With a portable dehumidifier, you don’t need to buy a dehumidifier for each room. You can easily carry a single unit from room to room. Also, most of them are compact, making their storage easier, even in small spaces.

Fortunately, the market is flooded with dehumidifiers that can help you improve your indoor atmosphere and make the surroundings pleasant. With such a wide range to select from, It can be overwhelming to choose the best dehumidifier that suits your needs.

See what is a dehumidifier

So, how do you choose the best portable dehumidifier for your home?

Well, you are about to find out.

In this article, we will review the eight best portable dehumidifiers for your home in the market. We will also highlight the factors to consider when you are shopping for one.

The information shared herein identifies the main features of each product, helping you make the appropriate purchase.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Portable Dehumidifier

Power Consumption

This is key as you are likely to run the dehumidifier 24/7. An energy-efficient dehumidifier will save you money in energy bills every month. Luckily, most units in the market are eco-friendly.

Coverage Area

Before you make a purchase, you should know the size of your room. Different units have different coverage areas. Although humidifiers with a small coverage area can cover large spaces, they might take longer and frequent emptying.

For larger rooms, you will need a full-size dehumidifier. Ensure it has wheels or/and handles for portability.

User Compatibility

Consider a unit that has smart features. It will help you to determine and maintain the right humidity levels. These humidifiers automatically adjust depending on the humidity level.

If you find it tasking or often forget to empty the tank, you can choose a dehumidifier that is connected to a hose. It will automatically drain itself.

Moisture Capacity

Each dehumidifier can only hold a certain amount of water collected. If the capacity is small, you are expected to keep on emptying the water.


If you are concerned with aesthetics, consider an attractive unit that blends with your interior design. Luckily, most of the modern models come in stunning designs and different mellow colors to choose from.

Noise Level

The last thing you want is a noisy dehumidifier, especially in places like the bedroom. Choose a dehumidifier that will not distract you as it does its job. The highest it should be is 55 decibels.

8 Best Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

1) Auzkin Portable Dehumidifier

Auzkin Portable Dehumidifier

Designed for efficiency and comfort, Auzkin is undeniably the best under $100 dehumidifier.

Weighing 3.34 pounds this portable dehumidifier can be moved from one room to the other with ease. It is also compact, making it convenient even in small spaces. Best portable dehumidifier for bathroom, rental room, or even kitchen.

Its convenience doesn’t end there. This unit features an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the dehumidifier when it reaches the rated capacity. Luckily, it has a sizeable detachable tank of 350-Oz, reducing the automatic turn off and emptying frequency. Still, the product will flash a red light to remind you to empty the tank.

This ergonomic unit also comes with a one-button control making it easy to operate. It also has a whisper-quiet in operation, making the environment comfortable for work, sleep, or relaxation.

This portable dehumidifier for home does not disappoint on aesthetics. It features some smart LED light that adds to the room’s design.


  • Ultra-quiet in operation
  • Large detachable tank
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Easy to operate

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2) Afloia Dehumidifier

Afloia Dehumidifier

Looking for a dehumidifier that will not only reduce humidity but also complement your interior design? Look no further. Afloia is your best suit. This best dehumidifier for a home not only has a sleek finish but also comes in three colors (white, black, and green) to choose from.

This portable dehumidifier is compact and lightweight with dimensions measuring 9.1″ by 6″ by 15.8″.

It can comfortably fit anywhere as it does not take much space. It also uses Peltier technology, making it ultra-quiet in operation. Therefore, it is suitable even for the bedroom. Its inbuilt handle will make it easier to move the device in any room.

In addition, the unit has a sizeable 2000ml water tank. It adds to the convenience as you don’t have to keep on emptying the tank. You also don’t have to worry about the additional costs of the electricity bill. The appliance is eco-friendly. It has low power consumption.

Still, on convenience and cost-saving, this portable dehumidifier will save you money otherwise spent on repairs. How? It has an auto-off feature that automatically switches the appliance when the tank is full. It can dehumidify spaces of up to 270sq.ft.


  • Auto- shut off feature
  • Large water tank
  • Ultra-quiet in operation
  • Large coverage area

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3) Lonove Dehumidifier Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

Lonove Dehumidifier Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

If you are shopping on a budget, you do not have to compromise on quality. Lonove will sort you out. It is the best under $50 portable dehumidifier. If you doubt us, check out its reviews on Amazon. It is not only the most reviewed but one of the highest-ranked dehumidifier.

This compact dehumidifier can efficiently reduce humidity in any room of 185sq.feet and under, keeping the humidity levels below 50%. You will also love the whisper-quiet operation. It will not disrupt your sleep or meditation time.

Also, it has an auto-shutoff feature that automatically switches off the device when the tank reaches its capacity. This reduces leakages and chances of damage and malfunctioning.

Importantly, this device is cost saving. It runs on low energy consumption.


  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Continuous run time till the tank is full
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Keeps the moisture below 50%

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4) Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

If you are noise conscious, Pro Breeze is the best humidity-removal product for you. This portable dehumidifier operates on a Thermoelectric cooling technology and no compressor making it whisper-quiet in operation. It is suitable for any small room but can especially be the best dehumidifier for the bedroom.

This product is not only compact and lightweight. You can find space for it even in small rooms. Also, you can effortlessly transfer the unit to any room.

Consumers praise this product because of its ease in humidity removal, especially in small spaces. It covers rooms of 150sq.ft. This makes it the best portable dehumidifier for small rooms

You will also appreciate the convenience that comes with this device. Like most dehumidifiers on this list, it has an n auto-shutoff that switches the unit off to avoid overflow. Still, it has a red flash LED light that signals you when the tank needs emptying.

In addition, you can easily clean the device as it comes with a detachable tank. Also, it will save you extra costs on electricity bills due to its low electricity consumption.


  • Low power consumption
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Auto-turnoff feature
  • Detachable tank


  • Small coverage area

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5) Hysure Electric Dehumidifier

Hysure Electric Dehumidifier

This portable dehumidifier is the epitome of efficiency and durability. It is built with durable material giving you a device that you can use for years without damage. Also, the material used is BPA free. Your safety and that of your loved ones are guaranteed with Hysure.

If you are concerned about aesthetics, this dehumidifier is your best buy. It comes in a sleek design that will compliment your interior d├ęcor. You can also choose the color that best suits you between white and black. Not to mention, the unit is compact enough that you can place it anywhere without taking much space.

You need not worry about emptying the tank so often. This unit comes with a large 700ml tank and extracts up to 300ml humidity in 24hours. Also, it has an auto-shutoff feature that automatically switches the device off when the tank is full. Leakages will be history.

In addition, this portable dehumidifier for the home is energy-saving and energy-saving. It is low in energy consumption and has no chemical substances. Also, it is ultra-quiet in operation. Running below 33decibels. In fact, consumers refer to it as the best portable dehumidifier for the baby room.

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This product also comes with a 30days exchange or money-back guarantee and a 24months warranty.


  • Low noise level
  • Sleek design
  • durable

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6) Eva Dry Edv-1100 Dehumidifier

Eva Dry Edv-1100 Dehumidifier

If your budget for a humidifier falls under $50 then, Eva dry Edv is your ideal pick. It does not only come at a great price, but it is durable as it is made of hard plastic.

This cheap dehumidifier features a whisper technology for a quiet operation of 50.9db. It is ideal for offices or bedrooms.

In addition, has a fast moisture removal. Also, the product tank holds up to 8 ounces of water. You do not have to empty the tank continually. For the best results from the portable dehumidifier, we recommend smaller rooms.

Still, for convenience, these units have a smart auto-shut0ff feature. It monitors the humidity levels and automatically switches the device off when the levels are sufficiently low. Why waste electricity when it’s not necessary? Also, this unit comes with an indicator light that flashes red to remind you when the tank needs emptying.

That is not all. This product is easy to operate. You only need to plug it in and push a button to turn it on. It is also compact and lightweight. You can e carry it for work trips or holidays.


  • quiet operation
  • auto-shutoff feature
  • large moist tank
  • durable
  • light indicator


  • it is a bit noisy compared to other models

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7) KEDSUM FCC Approved Electric Dehumidifier

KEDSUM FCC Approved Electric Dehumidifier

This light-weight portable dehumidifier is ultra-quiet in operation but screams effectiveness. The product is not only affordable but also has the best portability. You can effortlessly carry it anywhere. From the kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, closet, and basement.

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KEDSUM dehumidifier features Thermo Electric cooling technology (Compressor not needed) making it extremely quiet. It is ideal if you don’t want distractions. You will forget you have it in your house. It is especially suitable for a baby room, and closet.

You will also appreciate the sizeable 5ooml capacity tank. It is larger than most portable dehumidifiers. The device extracts up to 250ml of moisture daily; thus, you empty the tank after two days. If you are a forgetful person, you need not worry about messy spillages. The device will automatically shut off when the tank is full. Also, the device has an LED light that flashes when the tank is full.

This portable unit is also extremely user friendly. It only requires plugging in and pressing a button. This means your kindergarten kid can switch it on.


  • whisper-quiet operation
  • large moisture tank
  • LED indicator and auto-shutoff feature
  • User friendly


  • A bit pricy compared to others in the market

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8) BLACK + DECKER Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

BLACK + DECKER Portable Dehumidifiers for Home

If this portable dehumidifier appliance a girl, she would be a beauty with brains. With a sleek white finishing, this unit will blend with your interior design effortlessly. Thanks to its convenient wheels, you can move Black + Decker from one room to the other effortlessly. Also, it is in a lightweight design should you choose to carry it instead.

This dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints of moisture every 24hrs. In addition, this device comes in a compact size with dimensions of 26″ by17.5″ by13″. You can conveniently store it even in a small room.

Its convenience is also impressive. It features an auto-restart and auto-defrost features, making it easy to operate. Still, it features an auto-off setting that conveniently switches off the device when the humidity levels are low. This not only helps to save on energy but utility bills.

You need not worry about your child changing the settings or switching the device off. This dehumidifier for home comes with a child lock setting.


  • User friendly
  • Child-lock setting
  • Auto-restart and auto-defrost setting
  • Removes up to 50 pints of water


  • Emits slightly warm air during operation

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Wrapping It Up

A portable dehumidifier is a smart option for improving air quality in your home. It can save your walls and also decrease mold and allergic symptoms. They can also be moved from room to room.

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