Best Travel Air Purifiers

Are you planning to travel? Do you have the best travel air purifier with you? The fun part of traveling, whether for fun or work, is the new experiences. You are likely to come across beautiful sites, new cultures, sumptuous cuisines, or even find love.

Similarly, there is a possibility of unpleasant experiences. One such experience is new contaminants. This can ruin your whole trip, especially if you have allergies or asthma. For this reason, you should consider a travel air purifier when you are planning for a trip.

The air quality in airplanes, trains, buses, and hotels can be less than ideal. However, the best travel air purifier will eliminate pet dander, different odors, allergens, and other airborne contaminants that may get in the way of your adventure. Although these purifiers are smaller in size compared to regular home purifiers, they are equally effective.

There are many best travel-size purifiers in the market. However, choosing the best one can be a bit difficult but are here to make it easier.

In this article, we review the top best travel air purifiers. Also, we will discuss and highlight the factors you should consider when shopping for the best travel-sized air purifier. Are you ready to shop? Read on.

Travel Air Purifier Reviews

1. Mooka Air Purifier

At only 3.2 pounds, the Mooka air purifier is an ideal size purifier for your voyage. Its performance is also incredible for such a small device.

This portable purifier comes with a three-stage purification system for ultimate air purification. The pre-filter traps all the large particles, thus preventing clogging while the True HEPA eliminates allergens and other contaminants. The activated carbon, on the other hand, reduces odors.

Mooka Air Purifier

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The whole process is capable of eliminating up to 99% of the pollutants and germs. Besides, you are assured of clean airflow all around you due to the purifies 360 degrees of air intake and discharge.

With all that power, you would expect the purifier to be quite noisy, but it is surprisingly very quiet in operation. The noise is at 35 decibels: which is equivalent to the sound of a soft wind.

The device is very easy to operate. You can switch it on and off and control the fan speed with one press of a button. It also has a night light with a soft blue glow that cannot be switched off.


  • Easy to operate
  • Three-stage filtration process
  • Quiet operation
  • 360 degrees air intake and flow


  • The night light can be a nuisance as it can’t be turned off

2. KOIOS Air Purifier

This purifier is one of the ‘big wigs’ in the industry. It is certified as 100% ozone free. Best personal air purifier

Like most purifiers, the KOIOS purifier comes with a three-stage filtration system. (pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter) this means it capable of eliminating 99% of pollutants, allergens, and other micro-particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is ideal for people with allergies and pet owners.

Its efficiency doesn’t end there, performing at 55 cubic meters per hour this purifier has a 360-degree purification function. You are assured of fresh air all around you at all times.

The fan blade design is also a plus as it reduces the operational noise. It is also low in power consumption.

Moreover, most of its functions are one-button operations making it easy to operate.


  • True HEPA filter purifier
  • 360 degrees ultimate purification
  • Simple design and easy to operate
  • 100% ozone free


  • Bright light on the unit 

3. Homelabs Air Purifier

The ultimate measure of a purifier is its performance convenience. The Homelabs air purifier measures up to the task making it one of the best travel air purifiers. It is guaranteed to eliminate up to 99% of allergens and other airborne particles in spaces up to 57.5 square feet.

Like Koisos purifier, it has a three-stage purification process for trapping large particles, eliminating allergens and other germs, and eliminating odor. However, the HomeLabs HEPA filter is more powerful and effective. It is capable of capturing even the smallest particles of 0.1microns.

If the night light irritates you, then you will appreciate that the device’s night light can be switched off when it’s running. You can also choose you’re your preferred light from the many brightness levels available. The low operation noise is also a plus. The purifier operates a maximum of 50decibel noise level.


  • Has fan and brightness settings
  • Three-stage purification process


  • A bit loud
  • Heavier than other options

4. PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

In terms of design and performance, the PARTU HEPA purifier does not disappoint. Weighing about 3.3 pounds, this purifier comes in a sleek black case design. It can easily fit in your fully packed suitcase as you travel.

Capable of effectively purifying air for up to 108 square feet, this purifier also comes with a three-stage purification system. It can trap and filter particles as small as 0.3 microns. Thanks to its fragrance sponge below the air outlet, you can also use this device for aromatherapy.

“How?” you ask.

Add a drop of essential oil of your choice and some water to the sponge. The fragrance will flow with the air, and you will have a relaxed journey.

Another exciting feature is the three fan settings. By controlling the speed, you will also be managing the noise level. Even at the highest fan speed, the noise is not beyond 60 decibels.

The manufacturer also considered the possibility of kids and pets tampering with the purifier to serve their curiosity. Thus, the purifier comes with a lockset. The device can only start after pressing the button for 3 seconds.


  • Lockset feature
  • Three-stage purification process
  • Fragrance sponge for aromatherapy
  • Cons


  • You need a voltage converter to use it outside the USA

5. Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier-GG1000

Do you find all the hassle to change air filters tedious? How about a filter-free air purifier? Allow me to introduce the Germ Guardian G1000 Air purifier.

Are you wondering how it functions without filters? Read on.

The GG 1000 comes with a 3.5-watt ultraviolet (UVC) bulb that kills germs and other airborne viruses e.g., Influenza, Staph, and rhinovirus. Also, it has titanium dioxide that helps to reduce evaporative organic compounds.

Also, this travel purifier has a compact design. You can easily fit it into your traveling bag.

Did I mention it’s pluggable? If you have access to a power source, you can plug it in to enjoy clean pollutant-free air. What’s more is that the purifier is designed to be plugged in vertically, horizontally, and upside down.

The only downside to this purifier is the noise level. Some reviewers complain that the fan is a tad bit too loud.


  • It has no filters to replace
  • Pluggable vertically, horizontally and upside down
  • Kills airborne germs like influenza


  • It’s a bit loud

6. AirTamer A302 Personal Purifier

If you are a bulk luggage traveler with your bag bulging to the seams and no space for even the spotlight, then you should check out the AirTamer A302 purifier. At 0.11 pounds and a strap to hang around the neck, AirTamer A302 is the best travel air purifier.

Unlike most purifiers in this list, this small size purifier has no filters. Instead, it has a unique electrostatic purification technology that produces negative ions to clean the air within a 3-foot radius. This purifier eliminates over 98% of pollutants in less than 10 minutes. It also eliminates cold and flu viruses.

Moreover, this device is very easy to maintain as it operates on two lithium-ion cell batteries, which can run for seven days continually. Still, its operation is simple, as you only require to slide the switch button to turn it on.


  • Easy to operate
  • No filter changing hassle
  • Eliminates cold and flu viruses
  • Can hang around your neck

7. Levoit Air Purifier LVH132

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you might want to consider Levoit LVH132. Unlike other brands that UV light and anion that are known to produce harmful ozone pollutants, this brand is 100% ozone free.

This purifier comes with a 3-stage purification system with an ultra-silent operation of 25 decibels. What sets this brand apart is its high efficiency. This device circulates air four times per hour to achieve ultimate rapid purification.

Besides, it comes with two night light brightness settings. You can either chose between the two or switch it off altogether for an ideal sleeping environment. Still, it comes with an inbuilt quick filter change reminder. The reminder will faithfully remind you to change filters every 6-8 months.


  • Ultra silent operation
  • An advanced three-stage operation
  • Genuine replacement filters


  • You need to change filters often

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Air Purifier 

We understand that choosing the best compact air travel for travel can be overwhelming. Here are some of the factors to consider before you invest your money in a travel size purifier.

Size of the Purifier

Traveling, especially for more than a few days, features bags bulging to the seam. A large air purifier can hardly get space. That is why you require a portable purifier that weighs a few pounds and is about a feet tall if you can get one that you can hook on your shirt or hang around the neck, the better.

If you prefer a bigger purifier, make sure to get a spacious bag. Also, in case you are using air travel, find out if the plane you are using will allow the use of a purifier in the aircraft.

Noise Output

There is nothing worse than a noise when you are trying to sleep. It even worse when you are a light sleeper. It can also be a nuisance to others seated next to you on a plane or if you are sharing a room.

Although most Travel Size air purifiers have a quiet operation(less than 60 decibels), some are known to be a tad bit too noisy.

Always confirm the sound output while shopping for a travel size air purifier. The best air purifier for travel should have an output of 60 decibels and below. That is equivalent to soft wind sounds.

Air Flow

Given their size, we can only expect travel air purifiers to clean a small surface area around you. The best air purifier for travel should clean at least 15 cubic feet per minute.

How do you tell a purifier’s airflow ability?

Well, mostly, the ability is indicated on the product specification on amazon or the packaging box. If it’s not, do not fret, you can know the purifying capacity of a device by its vent. The larger the vent, the better the airflow and vice versa.

Purification System

Air purifiers come with either filter, ionizers, or an ultraviolet light bulb for the purification process. While they all work on eliminating harmful airborne contaminants, they also have individual downsides.

Filters and UV bulbs wear out and require constant replacement for effective purification. On the other hand, ionizing purifiers are believed to cause more harm than good. According to some experts, ionizers emit some ozone particles, which cause the build-up of electricity, thus increasing air contamination.

It is advisable to do thorough research on the purification system of any travel purifier before purchase.


Like purification processes, air purifiers are powered in different ways. Most purifiers operate on rechargeable or disposable batteries. If yours uses disposable batteries, you will need to pack enough to last the whole trip. For rechargeable batteries, remember to carry the charging cord.

For a pluggable air purifier, you don’t have to incur an extra cost for batteries. The downside is that you cannot use the purifier on the go. You can only use it in the hotel where there is a power socket.


There is no need to put your traveling plans on hold due to fear of an asthma attack or allergic. An air purifier can eliminate allergens and other airborne contaminants and germs that may wreak havoc. As you get an air purifier, make sure to get a portable one that can easily fit into your bag.



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